“…performed to a brilliant, multilayered score composed and played live by violinist Evren Celimli.”

Times Union – July 15, 2005
Review by Tresca Weinstein
Ben Munisteri, “Thunderblood”

“A splendidly abstract commissioned score by Evren Celimli was a perfect mate for Witchel’s choreography…”

The Village Voice – October 2003
Review by Adele Nickel
Dance As Ever, “The New Rome”

“Evren Celimli’s haunting score of droning, spacey, rhythmic music matched the energy of each Mandala, never overpowering.” – March 2002
Review by Sophia Ernst
Murray Spalding, “Movement Mandalas”

“The music was lush and it inspired big broad movements that left the cast looking happily dazed at the end.”

New York Times – February 1, 2000
Review by Jack Anderson
Ben Munisteri, “Lust Is a Pig”

“Evren Celimli compiled a wonderfully textured and highly integrated score.”

Show Business – March 31, 1999
Review by Jayne Lawson
Ben Munisteri, “Smash Through to Sunlight

“The score… references both the classical construction of baroque music and the kitsch of early synthesizer scores from the 1970s, only with a skip in the record or feedback from a disconnected wire.”

alt.arts.ballet – July 7, 1998
Review by Leigh Witchel
Doug Elkins Dance Company, “Philenor”

“The effect of Ms. Spalding’s well-worked designs was enhanced by Evren Celimli’s subtly gradated score of drums, drones and hums.”

New York Times – Saturday, April 30, 2005
Review by Jennifer Dunning
Murray Spalding, “Movement Mandalas”

“…Bipolar is set to a wonderful, abstract sound score by the young composer Evren Celimli.”

Time Out New York – June 25, 1998
Review by Gia Kourlas
Doug Elkins Dance Company, “Bipolarbear NOS”

“Evren Celimli’s everpresent score adds immeasurably to the evening…”

Backstage – November 8, 1997
Review by Eric Grode
Tanya Kane-Parry, “The Trojan Women”